• Metal France, 4/5 « Continuant sur sa lancée, Fenrir nous offre une deuxième démo délectable et indispensable pour tout amateur de folk metal inspiré et inventif. […]Nancy, nouvelle capitale de la Celtie ?»

  • Sonic cathedral: 9,5/10 « Fenrir has presented us with a unique musical experience. It’s solid on so many fronts, you get the multiple lyrical threads, you get a variety of musical sounds, and you get cultural representations from a variety of locals. But, in the end, you get first rate music. It was worth the wait. »
  • Folkmetal.nl : 5/5 « It’s definitively not suited for the fans of screaming guitars, grunts and metalscreams, but do you like to listen to ‘something completely different’, you have to buy ‘Echoes of the Wolf’ by Fenrir for sure. A beautiful album by a six very talented musicians. [...] . The only thing one will ask himself is: What will the second album be like? »

  • Metal Symphonique.com « Fenrir plonge dans un voyage musical. Leur musique entraine dans un ailleurs où l’on danse et où l’on chante. Qu’ajouter à cela ? […]Les rythmiques sont accrocheuses. Les soli autant agréables par leur technique que par leurs mélodies. C’est du bon ! »

  • Heavylaw « Un solide espoir de perdurer sur une scène de plus en plus encombrée. […] ces « jeunes loups » de Fenrir possèdent de très sérieux atouts pour figurer en bonne place sur la scène hexagonale. »

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17-03-2018 > 

Posted in News by Fenrir

New guitar players

New guitar players

After that Sylvère and Tristan left the band in 2017, Pierre briefly shared the stage with us. But finally we are pleased to introduce you with Alex and Kael, new guitar players in Fenrir. Kael, who has already played wi... Read more

30-04-2017 > 

Posted in News by Fenrir

Cover of the upcoming album

Cover of the upcoming album

 Five years ago our album "Echoes of the Wolf" was released ! This anniversary is the opportunity to reveal the cover of our new album "Legends of the Grail", designed by talented Edouard Noisette. Take a look on his wor... Read more

25-02-2017 > 

Posted in News by Fenrir

New guitar player wanted !

Sylvère, guitar player and band founding member, decided to leave Fenrir for family and job reasons. He will nevertheless remain our composer. We are now looking for a new guitarist (7 strings, backing vocals and folk i... Read more

14-11-2015 > 

Posted in News by Fenrir

Recording for the next album

We are glad to announce that the recording has started for our next album, Legends of the Grail, at MonStudio (Moselle, France). (Picture by our sound engineer, Yann Klimezyk) Read more

21-05-2014 > 

Posted in News by Fenrir

Results of the contest

As our winner has guessed, our next album will deal with legends about the king Arthur, and knights of the Round Table! Read more

07-05-2014 > 

Posted in News by Fenrir

Contest:Find out what our next album will be about and win a new Fenrir shirt!

Contest:Find out what our next album wil…

Try to discover what our next album will be about! Clues are hidden on this website. Give us your answer using our contact form. The winner will be drawn in right answers and will get our new T-shirt! Contest is open un... Read more

12-06-2013 > 

Posted in News by Fenrir

Welcome on our official website ! New guitarist and work in progress

Welcome on our official website ! New gu…

With our new guitarist Tristan, we can now work on new songs for coming gigs and second album. Camelot and The Son of Pendragon, the very first of these new songs, were already played in last shows. Read more