Fenrir's biography

Band members:

Kévin Keiser - drums

Jordan Lavaut - bass guitars

Bruno Giglio - violin

Michaël Macé - guitars, backing vocals

Elsa Thouvenot - vocals, violin

Deeply rooted into the Nordic folklore, Fenrir is an alliance forged between metal and Celtic music. Heavy guitars, powerful riffs and blasting drums, added to the sound of the violin, give Fenrir his tone and originality. Elsa's voice, aerial and enchanting, recounts the epic deeds of the gods and heroes of old, as the ancient bards used to do. Every live performance is a journey to those times, for Fenrir's members play wearing fantasy medieval outfits. Irish jigs, soft ballads and epic metal riffs are mixed altogether to create an intense set with a unique tone and an explosive energy.

" Echoes of the Wolf " is the first full-length album of the band, recorded at the MonStudio in Nancy by Yann Klimezyk (MyPollux). It has been warmly welcomed in France and abroad. 

The new album, "Legends of the Grail", is to be out in 2018.


Cd sold on this website and at the gigs.


  • Sonic cathedral: 9,5/10 « Fenrir has presented us with a unique musical experience. It’s solid on so many fronts, you get the multiple lyrical threads, you get a variety of musical sounds, and you get cultural representations from a variety of locals. But, in the end, you get first rate music. It was worth the wait. »
  • Folkmetal.nl : 5/5 « It’s definitively not suited for the fans of screaming guitars, grunts and metalscreams, but do you like to listen to ‘something completely different’, you have to buy ‘Echoes of the Wolf’ by Fenrir for sure. A beautiful album by a six very talented musicians. [...] . The only thing one will ask himself is: What will the second album be like? »